Under the Turtle's Shell


Just a wee bit about me.

I'm one of the rarest of all things, a 40-something Montana native, born and bred here in the wilds.  I tend to tell everyone that Montana is the home of the Unabomber, the Freemen Militia and tourist-eating Grizzly Bears.  The truth is I'm trying to cut down on immigration, cuz I love my state the way it is!

I'm a middle child (I blame my wacky behavior on that), I have an older sister (actually she's now my YOUNGER sister, I'm in my forties and she's still 29.  Go figure!) and a younger brother.  I have an older step-brother, an older step-sister and a slightly younger step-sister.  I tell people we're like a dysfunctional 'Brady Bunch'.

Like I said earlier, I'm a native Montanan, moved once or twice, but I always come home.  I threaten to find someplace warmer to live, but I've decided that I really can't survive without four seasons a year.  Not to mention having a family around to nag.  I nag them, they nag me, seems fair.

I've recently become a Wiccan, someone asked me if I found the Goddess... I said that no, the God and Goddess found me, and give me a smack alongside the head for an attitude adjustment.


A few of my favorites...

Some of my favorite movies...

The Adventures of Bill and Ted
The original Star Wars
The Lord Of The Rings saga

Harry Potter (all of them)




Music wise

(pulls head in shell) I seem to be stuck in the 70's and 80's

The Eagles
Bon Jovi

Michael Bolton
almost any heavy metal from the 80's

But I'm willing to try something new if you have any suggestions.


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