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These are my few general fan fiction stories, all Magnificent Seven and mostly ATF.

Silly Little Secret

The Dog House

The Magnificent Seven Tax Preparers


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I do not own or have any rights to any of these shows or characters, I'm merely borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners unharmed and untouched. Okay, definitely touched, but unharmed and in a much better mood than I found them in.


Just who are these people?!

The Magnificent Seven was a TV show that ran for two (way too few) seasons before it was canceled by the idiots that program our TV sets. It was a good old fashioned Western about seven lawmen trying to protect a town.



It starred Michael Biehn as Chris Larabee - Chris was the moody angst-ridden fast gun who'd lost his family tragically and was trying to lose himself in the bottle.

Eric Close as Vin Tanner - Vin was the sharp shooting bounty hunter, a bounty on his own head for a murder he didn't commit.

Andrew Kavovit as JD Dunne - JD was the young kid from the East, trying to stay alive and become a man in the wild West.

Dale Midkiff as Buck Wilmington - Buck was Chris' best friend. He's also the ladies man of the bunch, Buck never met a woman he didn't love.

Ron Pearlman as Josiah Sanchez - Josiah was the priest who'd given up the cloth, but not his faith in God. He like Chris looked for an answer in the bottle, or as he put it 'sometimes he turned to the wrong spirits'.

Anthony Starke as Ezra Standish - Ezra was the gambler who took the job for 30 days to earn a pardon. He found a place to belong and stayed.

Rick Worthy as Nathan Jackson - Nathan had been a slave and learned medicine in the war as a stretcher-bearer in the Union army. He never claimed to be a doctor just a healer.



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